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Our goal at Urban Web is simple: “We help businesses and individuals achieve and measure search engine results .” Successful internet search marketing is based on monitoring and measuring results. Our job at Urban Web is to design an internet marketing and advertising campain that targets customers in your geographic region and then measures the success of those campaigns. With various packages to choose from you we can get your site listed in the top search engines which will result in increased traffic.

Campaigns and Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

The fastest growing opportunity for online marketing today is social network marketing. With 900 million users on Facebook alone the opportunity to reach more viewers is greater than it ever has been. Companies that ignore social media channels are underestimating the value it can bring to their companies and the impact it can have on search engine marketing goals. Social media is also critical to online brand or reputation management strategy.

We have developed a number of strategies to help clients achieve a social media presence using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest. We have various campains were we can help develop your presence, manage your posts and tweets and help develop content that is engaging.

Content Development Services
Whether your focus is on SEO copywriting, improving website conversions, press releases, or social marketing, content is more important than ever. Urban Web has developed a range of quality content development and syndication services to supplement your search engine marketing campaign or to improve your social marketing reach. Our team of professional copywriters has been trained to develop a variety of types of optimized content.
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